Helping your animal athlete feel its best!
Helping your animal athlete feel its best
Helping your animal athlete feel its best
Helping your animal athlete feel its best!

Don't see what you're looking for? We can bring in just about any herb you need, just shoot us a message and we will be happy to get it ordered!


Blends Available

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I recently started my horses on the Roan & Co. Spirulina and love the results I’ve seen! I’ve been able to cut the amount of grain my hard keepers get in half and yet they’ve never looked better! It will definitely be a product I keep in my program!

Montana Madill Laye

Wow! Roan & Co supplements are the best hands down! Affordable, fast shipping & results that you can actually see. My 20yr old barrel horse is back to running in the 1D thanks to these supplements 😊 Thank you!

Nicole Hoessl

In the two years that I have been feeding Roan & Co I have seen numerous horses thrive. Trooper, my good barrel horse, struggles with allergies, and Roan & Co Spirulina keeps his rubbing and scratching to a minimum, and it’s a major bonus that it helps him look and feel his best. Our mid-late 20’s pony looks so good that he is often mistaken for being young; previously foundered, we had him on previcox, a joint supplement, and kept him shod year round. He is now barefoot, and thriving on spirulina just like the rest of our horses.
Bar 7L Equine Osteopathy works on my horses regularly, and often recommends different herbs and such, and Amy at Roan & Co always manages to find these odd things for me, and comparable or often cheaper in price than the chain stores; the difference is that Roan & Co also sponsors the events that we compete in such as the fast time award at the “Let’s Get Crackin” Barrel Race in Rimbey last November, which Trooper won (while setting an arena record) and wears with pride

Nancy Leischner

I have been using Roan & Co. for over a year and couldn't be happier with the results and the positive changes I've seen in my horses, inside and out. I feed MSM, Turmeric and Hemp Seed Oil daily which have all contributed greatly to their overall well-being. I have an arthritic horse that has also had trouble on and off with a cough. The supplements have helped him move and stride out better, his respiratory system is functioning well, and I've seen an unbelievable amount of mane and tail growth, as well as overall shine. I love that the products truly work and it's even better to support and work with Amy and her local business.

Klay Whyte