Brain Bomb
Brain Bomb
Brain Bomb
Brain Bomb

Brain Bomb

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Brain Bomb was created to help with relaxation, increased focus, as well as inhibit aggression, fear and stress. 

It will also work to support natural production of GABA and regulate nerve impulses in the brain. 

The carefully selected ingredients all play a major role in the body's metabolic cycle for generating energy and the end result will support nerve health that affects agility, coordination and speed. These herbs and minerals are often lacking in equine diets and like most nutrition, they can be a game changer for tackling the primary issue to secondary symptom.

Brain Bomb is intended to help with any or all of the following:
- trouble focusing
- anxiousness / anxiety (even sometimes at home)
- hard keeper
- trouble relaxing on the road
- ulcer prone
- spooky or looky

Getting ahold of your horses anxiety can be a game changer for your horse's career.
Performance anxiety can lead to not only issues in their training, but also health issues like ulcers, bleeding and performance anxiety. 

 Ingredients: Magnesium, Valerian Root, Thiamine, Theanine, Tryptophan, Lions Mane






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