Immune Bomb

Immune Bomb

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“Immune Bomb” is 14 day treatment to be given as a major immune booster in times your horses immune system could become compromised or is already in distress.

“Immune Bomb” can work to boost the strength of the lungs post bleed, during asthmatic episodes or chronic coughing. It’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory - which helps soften the throat and airway, has antioxidant and antihistamine controlling properties and can help soothe respiratory irritation. It can help to improve and support the immune system, clears nasal congestion, helps loosen mucus deep into the lungs, has strong antiseptic properties to help fight bacterial infections and facilitate easier breathing. All of these properties will help to ease seasonal allergy symptoms.

In addition it can help to promotes a clean, healthy blood supply and balance blood sugar levels.

“Immune Bomb” is the perfect treatment to give before a hard stretch of competition or when your horse requires a pick me up.


Nettle, echinacea, white willow, Schisandra berry, garlic, vitamin c, Eyebright, eucalyptus, peppermint 

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