Sponsored Team

Taylor Flewelling

"I have used Roan & Co.’s Leg Up product since they started making it and I feel that it is a must-have product for performance horses! It has so many benefits including muscle building/recovery and immune boosters. The newest version, Leg Up T.0, includes turmeric for anti-inflammatory purposes - great for older or rodeo horses getting hauled a bunch!"

Kennedy Smith

"My favorite product is the breeze up. It gives me peace of mind to know my horses lungs and breathing are well taken care of throughout the year!"

Alexa Gaugler

"I'm so blessed for the opportunity to continue to represent such an incredible company! It would not be possible without so much support and of course my must have supplements, Leg Up & Breeze Up!!"


Kelley Drake 

"My favorite product is Leg Up! It keeps my horses looking and feeling amazing!! You can tell the difference in which horses are on it and which ones aren’t! It’s a product I can’t live without!!!"



Katrina Ridsdale

"The difference Leg Up has made to my program is undeniable.  My horses stay strong all season long and look fantastic."


Caleb Fawcett


"We thought this was a pretty cool testimonial about the Leg Up T.O which is our favorite product: My Dad who is our Farrier can tell most especially in my Calf Horse whether he has been on it or not when he shoes him by how easily he can pull a hind leg out and onto his stand when he is resetting him. Noting he said how much better it must make his hocks feel. There has been times we have ran out of product for a week or 2 and it shows most especially in that horse! 

Not to mention the pristine summer like condition and shine my horses keep year round!"


Cody Ridsdale

"I am a true believer in breeze up and leg up. I have three that bleed in Calgary every year and struggle with them all summer after. Not anymore. Whatever is in breeze up is pure magic. I’m really happy with how my horses looked, ran and stayed strong all year on leg up."

Rene LeClercq 

"Roan & Co has so many great products, especially Brain Bomb, Breeze Up and Leg Up T.O. These three are must haves in my feed room. I am a firm believer in these products and am confident my horses will be feeling great and perform to their best ability, both physically and mentally!"


Carmen Pozzobon

"Breeze Up is my must have to keep my horses respiratory system clean, strong and healthy for making fast runs."